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PRESS RELEASE BY THE CROATIAN MINE ACTION CENTRE - a reaction to the allegations issued at yesterdays press conference held in the Croatian Parliament


At a press conference, held on 10 May 2016 in the Croatian Parliament, a series of accusations against CROMAC and its employees, were stated by the deminers public, which is why the CROMAC Director reached out to the Ministry of Interior, Directorate of Administrative and Financial Matters, with an urgent request for investigation of the presented claims through administrative enforcement and inspection, in order to establish the circumstances of this misdemeanor or criminal proceedings.
Statement by the one of the deminers that mines remain after demining activities, has a weight of recognition of criminal acts against general security, which is particularly important because this is authorized, trained and professional person who has stated that his job is executed poorly, while the consequences of poor quality demining do not need special explanation.

The suspicion is brought to the credibility of the whole demining system which results with disturbed and dangerous belief of citizens in the safety of the use of previously demined areas. Also, the dignity of the profession and all those deminers that conduct demining activities professionally and conscientiously, has been undermined.

The quality control system in the Mine action conducted by the Croatian Mine Action Centre employees (progressive control, final control) provides a high level of security to users of cleared land in accordance with the all Croatian and international standards, emphasizeing the fact that the new legislation raised this segment even to a higher level.

CROMAC Director

Official Notice regarding the current situation in Mine action in Croatia can be seen here.


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