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The demining program in areas affected by floods - Osijek-Baranja County (IPA 2011) - Final Conference


With the Closing conference, held in Osijek, the completion of the project titled "The demining in areas affected by floods - Osijek-Baranja County", financed by the European Union under IPA Component I - Transition Assistance and Institution Building in 2011, has been marked. This project in the Osijek-Baranja County demined 4.3 km2 of suspected hazardous areas in size. The total value of the entire project amounted to 29.981.080 Croatian Kuna.

The European Union funded the project with 24.939.714 HRK, while the rest of the 5.041.367 HRK was provided by the Republic of Croatia state budget. The project beneficiary was the Croatian Mine Action Centre.

Osijek-Baranja County has 61.5 square kilometers of suspected hazardous area, which extends through 14 towns and municipalities. This project included two demining projects in the Osijek-Baranja County whose implementation enabled the demining of a total of 4,268,845 m2 of mine suspected areas within the river Drava inundation zone, which includes forest area, sections, fire lanes and channels in the municipalities of Jagodnjak, Darda and Petrijevci.

This project contributes to economic and social conditions improvement in the war-affected areas, sustainable development of rural areas and the development of rural economy in Osijek-Baranja County. Also, it allows for better implementation of preventive measures regarding the protection against flooding, fire and extreme drought, the exploitation of forest areas, and above all the safety of the population in the noted territories.


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