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Mine Risk Educations in May in Sisak-moslavina and Lika-Senj counties


In the period from 12 to 21 May 2016, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and other state and local government bodies, mine risk educations in towns and municipalities concerning the Sisak-moslavina and Lika-Senj Counties, were held.

Trainings were organized in Sisak on May 18, in elementary school Viktorovac and along the "Slava Slavoljub Striegl" promenade on May 19, within the traditional "Healthy for A" action. Furthermore, educations continued on May 16, in Gvozd and Topusko (elementary school Vladimir Nazor) on May 12 in Lipovljani, on May 21 in Popovača and on May 20 in Gospić downtown.

Within these Mine Risk Education attendants were warned of the dangers that still threaten from weapon and mine leftovers. They were also introduced with mine action that is conducted trough CROMAC and the Ministry of Interior, warned on proper and risk-taking behavior during which all present were given special educational materials.


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