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Calls for tender worth 122.5 million Kuna


Sisak - Moslavina, Lika - Senj and Šibenik - Knin Counties, announced the Calls for tender for deferral of 18.7 square kilometers of demining operations, concerning the agricultural land in their areas.

This is known, as so-called, second stage of the operation Type 5.2.2 through which the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development provided 210 million Kuna for the demining of agricultural land.

With the ending of 3 June, 2016, seven counties with mine contaminated agricultural land have applied for the tender of the Agency for payments in agriculture, fisheries and rural development regarding the allocation of funds for mine clearance activities. However, even before a decision concerning the Paying Agency's acceptance of their requests has been made, Lika - Senj, Sisak - Moslavina and Šibenik - Knin Counties have already published their tender calls.

Thus, Sisak - Moslavina County published an invitation to tender for the six groups, with the estimated value of 45.6 million Kuna (without VAT) connected with the demining of 6.8 square kilometers of agricultural land in the Sunja, Petrinja, Novska, Jasenovac and Glina areas. Public opening of bids will be held on 12 July, 2016.

Lika - Senj County published a call for tenders in order to demine 11.3 square kilometers of agricultural land in the Gospić municipality and the Plitvice Lakes area, with the estimated value of 71.3 million Kuna (excluding VAT). The bid opening will be held on July 18, 2016.

Furthermore, Šibenik - Knin County, published an invitation to tender of an estimated value of 5.6 million Kuna, for the demining of agricultural, mine contaminated area of 669,797 square meters in size.

Shortly, the calls for tender from the Požega - Slavonija, Zadar and Split - Dalmatia Counties will be published, while the Osijek - Baranja County awaits the decision on the admissibility of the request for funds and will publish the call for tender afterwards.

To recall, in the so-called first phase of the use of EAFRD funds, demining of 25 square kilometers of agricultural land, valued at 172 million Kuna, was contracted, with completion rate of about 91% of contracted jobs.


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