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Representative of the Office of the United Nation for Refugees (UNHCR) in Croatia has visited CROMAC


On 28th of May 2018, Giuseppe DiCaro, the Representative of the Office of the United Nation for Refugees (UNHCR) in Croatia has visited CROMAC. The Commissioner DiCaro and his associates, Mirjana Vegaš and Kristina Benić Belavić, both UNHCR protection associates have been welcomed by Neven Karas, Assistant Director of CROMAC and Dejan Rendulić, International Cooperation and EU Funds Advisor for CROMAC. The topic of the meeting was information exchange for the refugee crisis and illegal migration, ie the precautionary measures which are carried out to protect such persons in the context of mine danger warning. The Assistant Karas has introduced a respected guests with the activities that CROMAC is continuously conducting, especially on the increased number of mine danger warning signs in border areas, excellent cooperation with partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, as well as the previous activities carried out by CROMAC, along with partners from Croatian Red Cross and UNICEF, which were related to refugees and illegal migrants.
It was concluded that regarding to the additional and preventive information of such vulnerable groups of people who are illegally crossing the border of the Republic of Croatia, with the existing informing methods provided by the CROMAC, such as MIS Portal and Mobile mine danger warning application, should pay increased attention for checking the Mine Spected Areas warning signs on mine risk in critical areas and possibly, in case of need, to carry out additional marking warning labels on mine danger.


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