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Brodsko-posavska County without mines


In the presence of Minister of Internal Affairs Davor Božinović, MP Pero Ćosić, Danijel Marušić, Mayor of Brodsko-posavska County, Assistant of Minister of Internal Affairs Damir Trut, President of UV CROMAC Đurđa Adlešić, CROMAC Director Zdravko Modrušan and other guests, the completion of demining was marked in Slavonski Brod, ie a certificate of exclusion was handed over from mine suspected area.
Following the introductory remarks and short presentation by Nikša Bogdanić, Assistant Director of CROMAC, which presented the long-term mining removal process, the director of the Croatian Mine Action Center presented the certificate of demining Brodsko-posavska County to the Mayor Marušić.
‘’Brodsko- posavska County is completely excluded from mine suspected areas in which 203 milion HRK were invested in recent years. Near the end of demining, the entire remaining agricultural land was demined by the Funds from European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. We continue to work on one of the priorities that Government have, which is Croatia without mines "said Minister Božinović and added that according to the initial estimates of mines, 14 of our counties were polluted areas and that at the end of May this year, when the last demining operations were completed in Okučani, there is 6 mine suspected counties less.
The minister symbolically handed the "last mine" to the mayor of Okučani, Aco Vidaković.
Since 1996, in Brodsko- posavska County 16 people were killed because of mines, of whom 10 are dead. By performing a courageous and selflessly demanding and risky demining job, the lives of four pyrotechnics were lost in that county.
"The last death toll at the state level happened in late 2016, right here in Brodsko- posavska County. But since then - it is extremely important to emphasize - there were no mine accidents or incidents. This is what I consider to be the greatest success of the mine system achieved primarily by the stability of the demining market, which implies the safety of deminers, "Minister Božinović concluded.
In his address, Director Modrušan emphasized, among other things, the information which clearly shows the size and the complexity of the task of the Croatian Mine Action Center, which is to return the mine suspected territory to the community, through the exclusive public authority assigned to the employees of the Center. This is a matter of technical and general surveys, which from mine suspected area in Brodsko- posavska County has been excluded 123,6 square kilometers of field, that is four times larger than the demined area.
"I use the opportunity to thank the investors and donors of financial funds for demining Brodsko-posavska County, who have, along with funds from State budget, financed operations in Brodsko- Posavska County for a number of years. My gratitude would not be complete if I don’t specially thank all mine action employees, especially deminers who are doing demanding and dangerous demining operations on a daily basis.
I am convinced that the synergy of all these subjects in mine action can achieve our common goal, which is "Croatia without mines", concluded director of CROMAC.


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Mine suspected areas in Croatia:
355,60 km2

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