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Round Table on Underwater Demining


On Wednesday, April 25, 2012 in the afternoon hours, there was the round table on underwater demining held in line with the Symposium agenda. The moderator was Mr. Veselin Mijajlović, director of the Regional Centre for Underwater Demining from Bijela, Montenegro.
During the introductory part, there was a documentary ‘’Mine Hunters’’ presented. The film was made by the colleagues from Italy and it demonstrates how underwater demining is conducted, together with divers and diving equipment owned by the Centre for Underwater Demining on the territory of the coastal area of Montenegro. According to Mr. Mijajlović, the Centre has demined ca. 2 million square meters and took out 120 tons of explosives in the past ten years. They have so far worked in Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina but the Centre is ready to conduct underwater demining operations anywhere in the world.


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