Donor financing of mine action activities mostly refers to donations from countries with diplomatic missions and consular offices to the Republic of Croatia and foreign NGOs that finance different components of mine action.

During the past years, numerous countries and organizations have assisted the mine action in Croatia with their donations for which we are immensely grateful to them. The European Union, United States of America, Kingdom of Norway and Federal Republic of Germany have been providing their continuous contribution since 1998. Donated funds of the Kingdom of Norway are being realized through the nongovernmental organization Norwegian Peoples Aid that is executing mine searching and mine clearance of mine suspected areas, and funds donated by USA are administered by the International Trust Fund for Humanitarian Demining and mine Victims Assistance (ITF) thus enabling matching of all other donor funds administered by ITF. European Union through the Delegation of the European Commission in Croatia finances the demining activities in the framework of CARDS and CROSS BORDER programme.

Every donor chooses the model of financing that is most suitable for them. For example, Government of Japan or Principality of Monaco and Grand Duchy of Luxembourg choose to emit their donation directly to CROMAC and Government of the Federal Republic of Germany implements their donation for demining through non-governmental organization Arbeiter - Samariter - Bund.

From 1998-2008, donor funds have participated with 17% in the total amount of funds spent for demining and 88% refers to foreign donations. During the last few years, a slight increase of domestic donations is noticeable. Company VIPnet has donated 1 million HRK for demining eight year in a row thus becoming the biggest domestic demining donor.

In 2009, donor funds participated with 43,8 million HRK in financing humanitarian demining operations.


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Mine suspected areas in Croatia:
351,00 km2

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