When will the Republic of Croatia finally become the mine safe country?

According to Ottawa Convention provisions, the Republic of Croatia committed to destruction of all antipersonnel mines in mined areas under its jurisdiction or control until 2019.

What is the size of mine suspected area in the Republic of Croatia?

Total mine suspected area (MSA) you can find at https://www.hcr.hr/hr/minSituac.asp,.

Who should be informed in case of coming across any mine suspected object or area?

There should be the closest police administration informed at the telephone number 192 or the National Protection and Rescue Directorate at 112.

How many persons in the Republic of Croatia were involved in mine incidents?

In the period 1996. there were 585 persons involved in mine incidents. Out of that number, 200 persons were killed.

How are demining operations performed in Croatia?

Demining operations in the Republic of Croatia are conducted according to market principle.

What is an average price of demining in the Republic of Croatia?

Average price of all contracted mine search and demining operations in 2014 was 6,73 HRK/m2, no VAT.


The 16th International Symposium Mine Action 2019


Mine suspected areas in Croatia:
355,60 km2

The Office for Mine Action
Cluster for humanitarian demining