What are terms and conditions for admittance to the educative programme for training of employees for the conduct of humanitarian demining operations?

Visit the web page of the Ministry of Interior – Department for Training and Specialisation (OSUS) at where you can find basic information on educative programmes for the needs of humanitarian demining as well as contact phone providing information on the types and terms of new courses.

Could you please tell me where I can find the telephone numbers of companies conducting humanitarian demining in the Republic of Croatia?

Contact addresses and telephone numbers of demining companies can be obtained in the premises of the Croatian Mine Action Centre or via contact form on the internet pages of the Croatian Mine Action Centre (

How can we get an information about mine suspected area for the area of our interest?

Information on mine situation i.e. mine contamination of the area can be obtained over the MISportal of the Croatian Mine Action Centre available at the following web page:

How can we get an insight into the status of mine suspected area in the Republic of Croatia?

On the internet CROMAC portal you can download the cartographic map of an area you are interested in and mark the exact microlocations on it. Stated map together with the request form for an Insight into the status of mine contamination describing the area and stating the purpose you need these information for, your contact address and telephone numbers has to be sent to the Croatian Mine Action Centre, Ante Kovačića 10, 44 000 Sisak.
Issuance of the form containing information about mine situation is free of charge. The form will be sent to your address stated in the request within 14 days.
You are also free to collect the request form yourself in CROMAC premises upon expiration of deadline for issuance of the form.

Could you please explain the process of demining of privately owned areas if we decide to finance demining ourselves i.e. if we decide to wait until the area is demined by the Republic of Croatia?

In case you have certain information that the area is mined or located inside mine suspected area, you can check in your town/municipality or county whether the stated area is included in their priority plan defined for 2015.

If the area is included into the county priority plan for 2015, as such it will be demined in the current year. If that is not the case, one should file a request to the authorised town/municipality to pass your request to the county. The County makes a list of requests/demining priorities and submits the list to the Croatian Mine Action Centre.
According to the classification of priorities set by the County, the Croatian Mine Action Centre makes the adequate projects, announces public tender for demining of stated area and awards the execution of operations to the company registered for the conduct of demining operations.

If you want to finance demining of your lot for yourself, then you should file a request for demining to the Croatian Mine Action Centre together with the statement on self-financing and properly marked map of the area (the map can be downloaded from CROMAC starts drafting the project proposal and sends the project to you for consent. If you approve the project, you are obliged to send us the statement/consent confirming you agree with the project made and statement/consent for financing.
When the consent is obtained, CROMAC starts with public tender announcement and the process of awarding the works and execution of operations by the demining companies conducting humanitarian demining in the Republic of Croatia. The process lasts around 6 months.
This process depends on the size of an area and weather conditions.


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Mine suspected areas in Croatia:
372,40 km2

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