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The Croatian Mine Action Centre awards mine search and/or demining operations to the authorized legal entities or tradesmen in accordance with the Public Procurement Act or international agreements. Mine search and/or demining operations are conducted at the worksite based on approved execution project and concluded contract.

Introduction to operations is organized upon contract signing, at the request of the authorized legal entity or tradesman. Quality Assurance officer performs the introduction to operations but presence of worksite leader at the site during introduction is mandatory. The investor must also be informed about the introduction to operations and, if requested, its attendance must be allowed.

Weekly plan of operations in progress states the following: the list of mine search and/or demining operations, name of authorized legal entity performing worksite operations, projected areas, funding source, projects inactive due to unfavorable weather conditions and projects with geodetic measurement in progress.


The 16th International Symposium Mine Action 2019


Mine suspected areas in Croatia:
351,00 km2

The Office for Mine Action
Cluster for humanitarian demining