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Mine action in Croatia

Mine action includes all the activities trying to reduce the consequences caused by mine problem relating to safety, economy, reconstruction and integration of war-damaged areas, ecology and protection from natural disasters. That is why the purpose of mine action is not only demining but also reduction of mine risk and providing safe living where mine contamination will not represent an obstacle for development of economy and society, implementation of nature protection and where needs of mine victims will be something the community will be taking care of. Mine action consists of several groups of activities:

  • humanitarian demining operations covering the activities resulting in removal of mine and UXO danger,
  • education of population on mine danger (process intended to increase the level of awareness on mine and UXO danger via information for public and formal and informal educational systems and promotion of adopting the safer ways of behaviour of groups from risk zones),
  • mine victims assistance, rehabilitation and reintegration (every assistance and support provided to the victims with the purpose of reducing direct and long-term health and psychological traumas. Mine victim is a person that suffered the damage during the mine incident. In the context of mine victims assistance, the expression victim includes the ones who depended on the person involved in the incident itself.),
  • destruction of stockpiles, mediation and speaking in favour of the ban of landmine usage. In December 1997, the Republic of Croatia signed the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on Their Destruction (Ottawa Convention) that was ratified by the Croatian Parliament on 24 April 1998. In 2002, the Republic of Croatia fulfilled its commitment of landmine stockpiles destruction, banned the production, marketing and usage of landmines and started making a strong political plea for non-usage of landmines on the international level.

Precise definition of size and structure of mine problem in the Republic of Croatia created required preconditions for the identification of actual situation. Development of criteria for setting demining priorities created the conditions for effective planning i.e. development of a Three-year Humanitarian Demining Plan as the basis for the development of Annual Humanitarian Demining Plans as well as the possibility of clear definition of mine impact on the development of the Republic of Croatia.

  • Develops the proposal of National Mine Action Plan and Humanitarian Demining Plans for one and three-year period,
  • Conducts general and technical survey with the purpose of collecting and processing data on mine suspected, mined i.e. demined areas and/or buildings, on mines detected and destroyed and other technical characteristics of mine suspected areas,
  • Performs handover of searched or demined areas and/or building upon quality control carried out and evaluates the capacities of authorized legal entities or tradesmen for conducting humanitarian demining operations,
  • Performs marking of mine suspected areas and/or buildings,
  • Develops project proposals and additional mine search and demining projects as well as technical survey execution projects,
  • Performs deminer control inspection,
  • Performs quality assurance,
  • Conducts demining for the needs of investigation upon request of investigating magistrate,
  • Does researches and develops demining technologies,
  • Provides expert assistance and required information to the authorised bodies about danger threatening from mines and UXO (hereinafter: UXO),
  • Coordinates mine risk education activities and undertakes rescue and protection measures in cooperation with State Administration for Protection and Rescue,
  • Coordinates mine victim assistance-related activities,
  • Makes Plan implementation reports


The 16th International Symposium Mine Action 2019


Mine suspected areas in Croatia:
351,00 km2

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