HCR http://www.hcr.hr HCR en-us Signed demining agreements worth 250.3 million HRK http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2668 In the headquartes of Croatian Mine Action Center, director Zdravko Modrušan and contractors, selected in the public procurement procedure, signed the demining contract under the project "Demining, Renovation and Protection of Forests and Forest Land .. http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2668 Visit of CROMAC representative and EOD of the Swedish Armed Forces http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2667 On August 29, 2018, the Croatian Mine Action Center visited the mayor Per-Henrik and#197;berg and civ. Per Sundling from Demining Center and Destruction of Explosive Resources (EOD) which work within the Swedish Armed Forces Office (SWEDEC). On this occasion, .. http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2667 By decision on financing - 253 million HRK for demining http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2663 Today, on August 14, 2018, the Minister of Environmental Protection and Energy made a decision on financing the project "Demining, Renovation and Protection of Forests and Forest Land in Protected and Natura 2000 Areas in the Dunavsko-Dravska Region .. http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2663 260 deminers cleared the Kotor forest near Petrinja http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2662 The demining operations under the demining contract for the area of the Kotar - Stari Gaj economic zone, in Sisačko-Moslavačka County, amounted to 18.9 million HRK. The project is funded by means of the Swiss Grant under the Swiss - Croatian Cooperation .. http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2662 Signed contracts worth 87.4 million HRK http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2660 On Tuesday, August 7, 2018, in the headquarters of the Ličko- Senjska County, agreements were signed on demining of the total value of 87.4 million kunas, which was granted by the Ličko- Senjska County as part of the Rural Development Program and as .. http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2660 The demining contract signed under the Swiss-Croatian cooperation program was worth nearly 19 million HRK http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2658 Today, at the Croatian Mine Action Center headquarters, demining Agreement of mine suspected areas has been signed according to the original plan of G.J. Kotar - Stari Gaj, in Sisačko-moslavačka County, 1.749.001 square meters of floor area.
On behalf ..
Demining of the last group projects of agricultural areas started in Sisak-Moslavina County http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2656 Ten days ago, CROMAC employees introduced demining companies into the remaining agricultural areas in Sisak-Moslavina County, on the projects "Agricultural areas in Kobiljak settlement in Dvor municipality", "Agricultural areas near the Graduša Posavska .. http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2656 Regional Mine action centers meeting held in Brčko municipality http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2654 On Wednesday, 18 July 2018, in Brčko municipality, a meeting of regional mine action centers has been held. President of the CROMAC Governing Council Mrs. Đurđa Adlešič, Assistant to the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia Mr. Dr. Damir .. http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2654 Demining operations began in Kopački rit http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2652 On July 16, 2018 demining operations began on the project “Demining, restoration and protection of forests and forest land in protected and Natura 2000 sites in the Danube-Drava region – Naturavita” covering 1.238.666 square meters. Works will be carried .. http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2652 Croatian Mine Action Centre and Ministry of the Interior continue their cooperation http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2651 On Monday, July 16, 2018, in CROMAC headquarters in Sisak, a meeting was held and attended by Mr. Ivan Babić, Head of the Anti-explosive divers department, which is a branch of the Special Police of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia. .. http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2651