HCR http://www.hcr.hr HCR en-us Beginning of demining financed from the Territorial Co-operation Programme INTERREG V-A Hungary-Croatia 2014-2020 http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2358 On 2 September 2016, the contractors ''Istraživač Ltd.'' and ''Piper Ltd.'' were introduced to demining operations in Osijek-Baranja County in accordance with demining contracts worth 12,7 million HRK.
Stated operations were financed in the framework ..
Ordinance on personal supervisory booklet, Mine action ID card and book keeping has been published http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2347 In the "Official Gazette" number 57/16, of 21 June 2016, the Ordinance on personal supervisory booklet, mine action identity cards and keeping the registers, has been released

These Regulations define the appearance, content and issuance procedure ..
Minister Romić visited demining project in Komarevo municipality http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2346 On Thursday, June 9, 2016, during the visit to the Sisak-Moslavina County, Minister of Agriculture, Davor Romić, has also visited the demining project in the Komarevo municipality area.

Mentioned agricultural land demining project, was financed ..
Procurement procedures in progress http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2345 In the period from June 6 to June 13, 2016, Croatian Mine Action Centre will hold a public opening of tenders for demining activities of 6.13 square kilometers, regarding the mine suspected areas in Lika - Senj, Osijek - Baranja, Brod - Posavina, Sisak .. http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2345 US Ambassador visited CROMAC http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2344 On Tuesday, June 7, US ambassador to Croatia, Her Excellency, Julieta Valls Noyes, visited Sisak-moslavina County and was afterwards organized with a visit to the Croatian Mine Action Centre, where she was welcomed by the CROMAC delegation, director .. http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2344 Calls for tender worth 122.5 million Kuna http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2343 Sisak - Moslavina, Lika - Senj and Šibenik - Knin Counties, announced the Calls for tender for deferral of 18.7 square kilometers of demining operations, concerning the agricultural land in their areas.

This is known, as so-called, second stage ..
Informing and educating the population about the mine threat in Perušić municipality http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2342 In collaboration with Lika-Senj PD in Perušić municipality, on Thursday, June 2 2016, at the local market area, activities of communication and education of the population about mine risk and residual post-war weapons were organized.

The participants ..
Education in the Dvor municipality http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2341 On Tuesday, 24 May 2016, in Dvor municipality which is part of the Sisak-moslavina County, on Ban Jelacić Square, the "Less Arms, Less Tragedies" action and Mine Risk Education was held. The employees of the Dvor Police Department and the Croatian Mine .. http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2341 The demining program in areas affected by floods - Osijek-Baranja County (IPA 2011) - Final Conference http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2339 With the Closing conference, held in Osijek, the completion of the project titled "The demining in areas affected by floods - Osijek-Baranja County", financed by the European Union under IPA Component I - Transition Assistance and Institution Building .. http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2339 Mine Risk Educations in May in Sisak-moslavina and Lika-Senj counties http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2340 In the period from 12 to 21 May 2016, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and other state and local government bodies, mine risk educations in towns and municipalities concerning the Sisak-moslavina and Lika-Senj Counties, were held.

Trainings ..