HCR http://www.hcr.hr HCR en-us Brodsko-posavska County without mines http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2628 In the presence of Minister of Internal Affairs Davor Božinović, MP Pero Ćosić, Danijel Marušić, Mayor of Brodsko-posavska County, Assistant of Minister of Internal Affairs Damir Trut, President of UV CROMAC Đurđa Adlešić, CROMAC Director Zdravko Modrušan .. http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2628 Official visit to the Republic of Colombia http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2622 The CROMAC and CROMAC-CTRO delegation, represented by Ms. Đurđa Adlešić, President of CROMAC Governing Council, Mr. Zdravko Modrušan, CROMAC Director, and Mr. Tomislav Vondraček, Center for testing, development and training Ltd. advisor, held a meeting .. http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2622 Representative of the Office of the United Nation for Refugees (UNHCR) in Croatia has visited CROMAC http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2619 On 28th of May 2018, Giuseppe DiCaro, the Representative of the Office of the United Nation for Refugees (UNHCR) in Croatia has visited CROMAC. The Commissioner DiCaro and his associates, Mirjana Vegaš and Kristina Benić Belavić, both UNHCR protection .. http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2619 Croatian Parliament accepted CROMAC report for 2017 http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2616 Within the 8th session of Croatian Parliament that was held on Wednesday, 23rd of May 2018, discussion about implementation of the Mine Action Plan for 2017 and financial report for 2017 was held.

Positive feedback on the Plan and Report was ..
Deminer training http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2603 In cooperation with a company Tritonel-Multimedija Ltd. a training for 36 Croatian Mine Action Center (CROMAC) deminers was held today with the purpose to learn how to handle and specialize in VMH4 metal detector.
The training is carried out based ..
CROMAC Workshop as a part of the Traffic Culture Program for the youngest in Plitvice Lakes Primary School http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2602 On May 7th, 2018 JUMICAR organized the Youth Culture Program in Plitvice Lakes Primary School. A workshop on mine danger was held as a part of program and already established cooperation.
Mrs. Marta Kovačić, CROMAC's Senior Education Adviser, held ..
CROMACs working visit to Montenegro http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2601 President of Croatian Mine Action Centre (CROMAC) Board of Directors Mrs. Đurđa Adlešić and Director of CROMAC Mr. Zdravko Modrušan held a working meeting with RCUD Director Mr. Veselin Mijajlović and Mrs. Bosiljka Vukovic-Simonovic, Director of Directorate .. http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2601 Mine Risk Education in Lika-Senj and Sisak-Moslavina County http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2593 From April 24th to 27th, 2018 in accordance with the CROMAC's Annual Plan and Croatian Ministry of Interior Action "Less Weapons-Fewer Tragedies" in cooperation with the Lika-Senj and Sisak-Moslavina counties, mine risk education were held in Lovinac, .. http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2593 Beginning of demining financed from the Territorial Co-operation Programme INTERREG V-A Hungary-Croatia 2014-2020 http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2358 On 2 September 2016, the contractors ''Istraživač Ltd.'' and ''Piper Ltd.'' were introduced to demining operations in Osijek-Baranja County in accordance with demining contracts worth 12,7 million HRK.
Stated operations were financed in the framework ..
Ordinance on personal supervisory booklet, Mine action ID card and book keeping has been published http://www.hcr.hr/en/aktualnostCijela.asp?id=2347 In the "Official Gazette" number 57/16, of 21 June 2016, the Ordinance on personal supervisory booklet, mine action identity cards and keeping the registers, has been released

These Regulations define the appearance, content and issuance procedure ..