Standard operational procedures

Based on the Law on Amendments to the Law on Humanitarian Demining (Narodne novine (National Gazette) no. 63/2007), the Law on Humanitarian Demining (Narodne novine no. 153/2005) and the Rules and Regulations on Methods of Demining (Narodne novine no. 53/2007), the Croatian Mine Action Centre has made all the necessary approximations of the existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with legal and sub-legal acts with the purpose of raising the quality and safety of conducting humanitarian demining operations to an even higher level.

In line with the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS), CROMAC Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) represent a set of prescribed operating procedures according to which CROMAC conducts: survey of mine hazardous areas and/or buildings (general survey, marking of mine hazardous areas and technical survey), project planning – project documentation development, eligibility assessment of the authorized legal entities for conducting humanitarian demining operations, quality assurance and quality control of mine search and demining operations in the Republic of Croatia.

Based on the development of new demining techniques and technologies as well as the experience in conducting humanitarian demining operations gained up to now, the Croatian Mine Action Centre continues its permanent work on the improvement of existing work methods, raising the quality and efficiency of mine action in the Republic of Croatia but also sharing our experience in the struggle against mine danger with other countries in the region and worldwide that are facing the same problem.

Standard operating procedures in use:


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Mine suspected areas in Croatia:
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