Cooperation at the international level of the Croatian Mine Action Centre requires close cooperation with the Office for Mine Action of the Croatian Government, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the Croatian Embassies around the world and the Ministry of Defense. In addition to the fulfillment of obligations undertaken by signing the Ottawa Convention, the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons and the Convention on Cluster Munitions, international cooperation activities were focused primarily towards raising funds for demining, procurement of necessary equipment, mine victims assistance and education on mine danger. Apart from donor activities, international cooperation includes participation in various conferences, regional and global levels, through which mine action achievements of the Republic of Croatia are presented and promoted.

Over the years of CROMAC activities, above mentioned resulted with the confirmation of the international mine action community that CROMAC became respectable and competent entity within the international mine action system. This created an opportunity for CROMAC to provide active assistance to other mine action centers in the region and beyond, initiating joint projects and joint approach towards the donor community.

Today, Croatian mine action system governed by CROMAC can offer to the international mine action community:

  • National Mine Action Center establishment support
  • Legal, sublegal and normative regulative support
  • Mine information and geoinformation system implementation
  • Planning system - development of national programs, development of annual and operational plans
  • Education of Mine action staff (deminers, auxiliary workers and management)
  • Croatian made protective equipment and demining machines
  • Croatian demining companies’ capacity and knowledge
  • Capacities for testing of demining machines, demining equipment or devices and new methodologies for mine and UXO detection.

Through its existence, CROMAC has also initiated the establishment of different organizations or bodies which have also contributed to the international cooperation activities. Thus, the Croatian Mine Action Centre-Centre for Testing, Development and Training Ltd. (HCR-CTRO Ltd.) was established in 2003 with the aim to, through its activities, encourage, help and develop operational testing and evaluation of mine and UXO detection technologies as well as to systematically conduct tests, researches and development of mine action for the purposes of the whole mine action community. Furthermore, with the establishment of the Cluster for Humanitarian Demining in July 2008, the possibility for exporting Croatian know-how and technologies to foreign markets, i.e. countries facing the mine problem, was created with intention to provide, through its founders and associate members, in one place, the capacity, resources and expertise for all mine action related activities implementation.

Group now comprises of 14 members - except CROMAC and CROMAC-Centre for testing, development and training (HCR-CTRO d.o.o.), there are demining machines manufacturers DOK-ING Ltd., Đuro Đaković - Specijalna vozila Plc. i Istraživač Ltd., protective gear manufacturers Borovo Gumitrade Ltd. and Šestan Busch Ltd., metal detectors producer Vallon GmbH from Germany, magnetometer manufacturer Schonestedt from USA, demining machines tools producer Blas-Tip s.p. from Slovenia, the Regional Center for Underwater Demining (RCUD) from Montenegro, demining companies MKA*Deming Ltd. and Mungos razminiranje Ltd. and Geofoto Ltd. - digital ortho-photo maps manufacturer.

The results of mentioned international cooperation activities are now visible primarily through excellent mutuality with neighboring countries and related organizations such as the Mine Action Centre of the Republic of Serbia, the Mine Action Centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Regional Center for Divers Training and Underwater Demining from Montenegro or ITF - Enhancing Human Security as known as International demining and Mine victims assistance Foundation, based in Ljubljana, whether directly or as part of the South East Europe Council for Mine Action (SEEMACC) whose CROMAC is co-founder and member. Also, high level of cooperation was achieved with other relevant institutions for mine action from the countries of South Eastern Europe and Caucasus: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kosovo and Macedonia and especially with Hungary as a part of EU cross border cooperation program partnership which is being implemented thorough the 2014-2020 period.

Furthermore, several international treaties have been signed so momentarily CROMAC maintains intensive cooperation activities with twenty countries. Most importantly, with ten countries (Azerbaijan, Yemen, Libya, Ukraine, Egypt, Iraq, Colombia, Serbia and BiH) official Cooperation agreement has been signed. Moreover, the Islamic Republic of Iran signed a joint declaration on cooperation in mine action, and in 2015 a draft Agreement on cooperation with Armenia has been signed.

It is equally important to mention the joint activities of CROMAC and The Centre for Testing, Development and Training Ltd. (HCR-CTRO d.o.o.), partners in international cooperation and humanitarian assistance, whereby, for example the projects related to mine action after the floods, support of the establishment of mine action system in the Republic of Colombia and Syrian refugees training in the refugee camp Mafraq in Jordan financed by the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs out of the program “Development cooperation and humanitarian aid” realized in cooperation with the Jordanian national Mine Action Centre (NCDR), have to be emphasized.

In addition to these activities, representatives of the Croatian Mine Action Centre annually participate in the reporting conferences of the accepted international Conventions, while the First Review Conference of the Convention on Cluster Munitions held in Dubrovnik, from 7th to 11th September 2015, organized and on the initiative by the Office for Mine Action of the Croatian Government, was a great honor for Croatia. Particularly noteworthy is the co-organization of twelve international expert Symposiums held during the period from 2004 to 2015, which were organized by CROMAC and HCR-CTRO d.o.o.. Mentioned Symposium gathers representatives from national mine action centers, UN, NGOs, scientific institutions, demining companies and equipment manufacturers from around thirty countries out of all continents. Symposium topics were mine action, usage and testing of demining machines, mechanical demining, mine clearance methods and techniques and control effects, general survey, examples of new methods and technologies in mine action, Injured deminer rescue exercise, underwater survey and demining, and quality control methods and rules.

CROMAC was also specially honored as the host and organizer of the workshop on the topic of "Accreditation, Monitoring and Contracting of Mine Action Organizations", held in 2015 in cooperation with the HCR-CTRO d.o.o. and the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD). The workshop was organized for participants from countries of the Arab-speaking world and brought together 14 participants from Libya, Mauritania, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Somalia, thereby promoting Croatian Mine Action system and knowledge of our experts.

In 2016., Croatian Mine Action Centre will again co-organize thirteenth international Symposium and Equipment exhibition "Mine action". Also, the workshop for managerial personnel in mine action organized in collaboration with CISR and James Madison University from the USA is planned. The above mentioned experiences and other planned activities will be used for an even better presentation and affirmation of the Croatian mine action system as an export product, further positioning the CROMAC as the international mine action institution and source of knowledge and experience .


The 16th International Symposium Mine Action 2019


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